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Interesting article!!!!

My brother saw this a few weeks ago (while I was in Leopoldstadt--which still has a Jewish community. I went to synagogue there on a Friday night and met many of the current members of the community. While the community has been decimated, Leopoldstadt and Vienna in general are so infused with Jewish history that it can be overwhelming at times.)

My brother and I spoke about the play. While I think it is great the writer of the play is exploring their Jewish identity, I found the play to not add much to the conversation. Perhaps because he came to his identity later in life, he did not realize that we have been in conversation about these topics for decades if not more. There are already many pieces like this exploring the same things and I'm not sure what was new that he brought to the table. I found myself wishing he had explored more Jewish content that was already created, because I feel he could have brought something more interesting to the table with his own unique perspective. His perspective of learning about his Jewish identity later in life should have been the main topic, instead of a multi-generational tale that does not add much to a rich canon of works like this that we already have.

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Excellent review - we’ll done. I have thoughts about the play, specifically the ending and construct of the last scene but I don't want to sway your readers so will keep my thoughts to myself for now. First scene and second scenes were by far the best with superb acting and dialogue. I’m glad I saw it (with you).

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