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I like the idea of this dating service. One problem with this app approach is that at times a person might not be what he or she seems to be or passes him or herself as truly is. But in older forms of meeting and dating you knew immediately what you were "getting." That is, surface ideas. What the person really is beyond service appearances, there are the very important other considerations, things that can only be know after a time and through being with the person under different circumstances and after some time.

So, too, a nice thing about the Loop is that a person seeking another person immediately signifies that a Jewish identity is important as a concern. Thus the tribe send up a smoke signal: join with me in our tribe. There is strength in numbers and beauty in our tribal values.

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I offer this for some protection for online dating. Note: I do not date online and so this is only for those using dating apps:

<blockquote>Dating apps have given an ancient profession, confidence scamming, a high-tech boost.</blockquote><p>Source: <em><a href="https://theconversation.com/online-romance-scams-research-reveals-scammers-tactics-and-how-to-defend-against-them-210124">Online romance scams: Research reveals scammers' tactics – and how to defend against them</a></em></p>

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