I attended Jewish summer camp and all I wanted was to be COOL!!!! And kiss a boy but tbh I didn’t feel that pressured but I also only went from like 8- 13 so maybe that stuff happens after 13

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Mary, Jesus, Sarah and Isaac!

Did I ever get the Torah wrong!

I thought it was primarily intended as a dating manual with a vast amount of excess boring stories, spooky ascents of mountain climbing with the resulting small sunburn, a guide for the hearing impaired (You too can hear a still small voice), long edicts, rules and regulations, and adventurous raids into enemy camps to spice things up.

I’ll have to reread it with a different perspective in mind.

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This may be my favorite newsletter entry thus far - I like how much of you is in it, how deeply personal it is, but most of all it reveals maturity … a delightful thing for a mom to experience in their child, daughter. When did you become so wise? That’s rhetorical, you have always (well kind of always) been wise beyond your birth years - an old soul inhabiting a wondrously young woman. Sounds like you got your priorities straight, you must have gotten some great advice growing up.

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Oh yeah. A strong showing of why I am a grateful I

Didn’t go to jewish camp <3 nah. I’m sure it was good in other ways . I love the ending.

“I sound old!”

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Love what you are doing. My view: there are a number of issues. First one: camp and sexual bad things. That is increasingly coming to a public awareness and youngster should be protected by careful checks upon those who work at the camps.

2. Parents and grandparents hassle their kin about marriage and having offspring. Yes. This is traditional and perhaps partially explained by older people wanting to ensure through marriage and children that their line, ie existence, and DNA is brought forward and thus they have in some way continued to count, to be remembered.

3. A third issue is Jews marrying non-Jews. Increasingly marriage by Jews to non-Jews has been taking place. Not that many years ago it would have been difficult to find a rabbi to marry a Jew to a non-Jew. But times change and increasingly Jews and non-Jews marry. In my view, a man or woman ought not to give up what he or she is and believes in, and one partner in a marriage should not change an important heritage to placate or please a partner. After all, it is in part the Jewish heritage of the person that has helped make that person the one he or she is and thus a worthy mate.

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